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We believe that everything is more special when shared with friends. "Frends" continue Jude's work and embody the spirit and magic of him. 

Here at Jude and the Book Factory, we believe that reading is a fun activity that should be enjoyed by everyone. Part of Jude hiding his books was so that that fun could reach more children.


As word started to spread of what Jude was up to an air of excitement followed and people wanted to join in on the adventure so Jude decided to ask them to be his "frends". Now, we have a community of over 500 young bookworms who are also hiding their unloved, outgrown, excess books so that other children can find them.

Registered "frends" receive a certificate, labels and a packet of seeds.

The labels have space for children to make them their own with names, stickers, drawings, membership numbers - whatever they wish!

There are no commitments - you can hide as many, or as few, books as you wish. You can send your photos to our social media pages and we will share only with your permission. If you prefer your childs face to be hidden then you can send a suitable photo or ask us to cover faces.

Follow us on social media so if anyone lets us know they have found your book you will be able to see it there. 

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Register as "frends"

Thanks for registering.

We will process your request as soon as possible and be in touch when your pack is going in the post.

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