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We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to experience the magic of books to temporarily escape from the realities they are facing. 

Gift a Book,

Empower a Child

Join us in spreading joy, inspiration, and escape by purchasing books from our wishlist. Your support means so much to the children we get them to.

Our support to the fantastic causes below is only possible through individuals buying books from our wishlists.

At Jude and the Book Factory, we believe in the power of shopping small to support ordinary people and build communities. That's why we're excited to have partnered with Hillsborough Bookshop, a local bookstore where you can shop our wishlist. 

Spreading Joy with Books on World Book Day

World Book Day is an important day to promote literacy and a love for reading in children around the world. At Jude and the Book Factory, we are committed to this mission, which is why we were thrilled to donate 571 books to The Children's Hospital Charity - These books were given to children on the hospital wards, outpatients, and even used at a Narcolepsy event.

50 books were donated to the Henry Dancer Days storyteller who will read the books to children and young people on the oncology ward. It also allows her to be able to have enough books to give some away occasionally.

50 books and 37 blankets were donated to PACT. These we distributed to the patients on the oncology ward and in clinic. 

We are proud to have contributed to such a worthy cause and look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in the lives of young readers. 

Read more from the Independent here

Trying to Bring the Joy of Book Sharing to All Families

We are also committed to making reading accessible to all families. We ensured that our hospital donation for World Book Day included Braille books, so more families can experience those special moments that sharing a book together bring.

Join Us in Bridging the Communication Gap

At Jude and the Book Factory, we believe that every child deserves access to quality books and education. That's why when we heard that students at a local school were learning British Sign Language we donated some books to help.

Join the Adventure: Escape with Us

We are committed to donating books to children affected by cancer. Help us spread hope and joy to these incredible children by supporting our donations. Your contribution can make a significant impact on a child's life. Between Judes death and Christmas 2023 we made donations of hundreds of books to Young Lives vs Cancer and PACT (The Parents Association of Children with Tumours and Leukemia) and Henry Dancer Days at Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Donate Books,
Nourish Young Minds

This Christmas season, Jude and the Book Factory is teaming up with a local food bank to provide children with books. We understand that for many families there is no money for buying book. However, we believe that education and the joy of reading can make a difference to lives and so we want to make sure children have access to books. 


A Safe Haven for Children's Grief

We are pleased to have been able to donate books to a local funeral director in an effort to support families during their time of need. The books will provide children with a safe and nurturing way to explore their feelings, and offer guidance as they navigate the grieving process.

Get Lost in a Good Book While You Wait

We understand that waiting in a hospital can be a stressful and difficult time, which is why we have started donating books to hospital department waiting areas to provide an option to read and help alleviate some of the boredom and anxiety that can come with waiting.

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