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Here your kids can swap their old books for new ones, all while experiencing the joy of reading and a strong sense of community spirit. It's a fun and accessible way to promote literacy and encourage a love of reading!

Annie Jude's:
Where Books Find a New Home

Jude and the Book Factory has its first children's book swap space! Designed to encourage a love for reading and sharing stories, we are excited to have this special space for children at the Annie Jude's shop in Hillsborough

The shop is packed with makes from local creatives and so you will feel like you have entered a magical kingdom from the moment you step in.

Take a Book 

At Jude and the Book Factory, we believe that reading should be an adventure for children, while still being accessible and fun. That's why we wanted to create Take a Book Now spaces, which are designed to give children access to books in a way that is both exciting and community-driven.


Where Books and Imagination Meet

Jude loved "getting kreativ" from books. At Jude and the Book Factory, we are passionate about promoting creativity and imagination through books. Our book swap space is decorated with children's words, drawings, and creativity related to books. 

If you have something you would like us to include send it to us!

Find Adventure on the Shelves

At the Book Swap you never know what you'll find. The everchanging selection of books ensures there's always something new and exciting for every child to explore. And the best part? There's absolutely no pressure to return the book or leave one later. 

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