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Jude and the Book Factory is a place where passion and creativity collide. Started by Jude we now have a community of book lovers, dreamers, and adventurers. Our mission is to inspire and empower others through the magic of books.

Jude had a deep love for books and nature, so we strive to create a space that celebrates the beauty of both. We now welcome our new 'frends' to the world of words and wonder by including wildflower seeds in their welcome packs.

Jude enjoyed annual visits to do sunflower picking so being able to include sunflowers is a perfect way to remember Jude. 

Together, we can sow the seeds of imagination and watch them bloom into something extraordinary

Colouring sheet created by Anna Neima

Growth chart, Your Time to Bloom, Poem and affirmations created by The Nature Box Forest School

4-7 years resources

reading and writing

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