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Where stories live on and memories are made

Jude and the Book Factory is about more than just books, it's a movement to inspire kids to read and share their passion for stories. Founded by Jude at the age of four with a simple idea to share his books, we've grown into a community of book lovers who believe that every child should have access to great literature.

Meet Jude: The Creative Mind Behind the Book Factory

Jude was a bright and fun-loving child, with a passion for dinosaurs and animals. Jude was diagnosed with High Risk Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer, the day before his third birthday. Jude died in September 2023. He never lost his cheeky sense of humor, and his love for life was contagious. He was a fan of Elton John and developed a love for dancing, theatre and became a real bookworm. Some of our fondest memories of Jude were when we were immersed between the pages of a book. Books were a great escape for Jude and us, his parents. 


Remembering Jude

This project has become so much more than a fun way of clearing some space. Jude left us far too early, but the legacy he left behind is truly remarkable. We, his parents, are proud to carry on his mission to promote reading and ensure access to books.


Jude touched many hearts and having this special project means we have a way of remembering Jude and can ensure that the Jude magic reaches as many people as possible. 


As we continue what he started we pledge to continue his work but try to keep Jude at the centre by stepping into the mindset of a five year old with a dream. We will support children affected by cancer, just like Jude had wanted. We also aim to support other projects inline with how Jude saw the world. 

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